JB LP Company
Propane (LP) for your grill, home heat and more. When you exchange your tank they only give you 15 lbs and they actually hold 20 lbs. We charge $10 for a full 20 lb tank. Holistic Select, Eagle Pack and Evangers Dog food. Fishing tackle and supplies. Mortons water softener salt. Klein Tools. Welding and Torching gasses such as oxygen and acetylene. River Rock, pea gravel, limestone and more.

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423 S Spring St, Mishawaka IN 46544




The governor’s order to close restaurants and bars allows an exception for carry-out and delivery. A great excuse to skip cooking!


Many local storefronts have closed their doors for the time being, but some continue to sell their goods via online shops.


Emergencies still happen and people still require professional services. Find out what businesses are still operating.